Primal Movement ( MovNat Inspired ) Drop In Class

Drop by for FREE* (for first timers) and learn how to move naturally, effectively, and efficiently like your ancestors once did! First go to to learn more about Natural Movement training and then join us every Tuesday at Kirkwood Pioneer Park to learn how you can move like the wild, natural human animal we were all meant to be… and deep down, still are!

Bring the family, bring a friend, bring some water and either minimal shoes or shoes you can ditch easily and learn how physical training can ACTUALLY be ENJOYABLE. New experiences, laughter, and creative thinking, not mindless reps and bench presses! Come play outside like you were designed to! You'll never understand how much freedom there is in efficient, natural movement until you've experienced it first hand! See you there!

*Class is free for first timers, kids 14 and under, and anyone who's so tight for cash that week that they'd skip if they DID have to pay the SUGGESTED donation of $10/person. That IS a suggestion. I'd love it. It's not required. Attendance is. 🙂

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