Primal Living STL July Meet and Greet

Let's meet up at Mokabe's and see if we can't get this group restarted. We've been dormant for a while during a changing of the guard and it's time to get going again, but we want to be certain we're scheduling meetups for days, times, and events that people want to and can show up to. We'd REALLY love to build a large and vibrant community of folks interested in the primal, paleo, and rewilding movements, to become a web of resources for those who want to live more naturally and more sustainably. 

I want to know what YOU want to know. What do you want to learn? What would be fun to go do as a group and seems AT ALL on topic for the group itself? What would make you feel like this group was actually WORTH PARTICIPATING ACTIVELY in?

Even if you can't make it on Friday night, PLEASE DO WEIGH IN and comment on this meetup to answer the above questions for us so that we can make sure you actually get something out of this community. Thanks in advance for your help guiding this sucker somewhere worth going, and I can't wait to meet each and every one of you at some point, hopefully soon!

– D.

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