Primal Fitness MovNat Workshop

The workshop will take you through fundamental human movement skills that our ancestors once used in their everyday lives to navigate their environment. Have fun, meet new people, and interact with your environment while training fundamental human movement.

The workshop is certified by the MovNat system. MovNat is a physical education and fitness system based around training the full range of evolutionary natural human movement. 

It splits movement skills into three categories: locomotive (ie running, climbing, etc), manipulative (ie lifting, carrying, etc), and combative (ie fighting). See the full list of movements in the diagram below. Its practitioners learn to do all of these movement skills efficiently, while getting a work-out at the same time. 

Cost: $50

Duration: 4 hours

Tickets at:

In the case of rain, the event will be moved to Sunday September 15th.

The minimum number of registered attendees for this event to go ahead is 5. You will be notified and refunded if the event is cancelled due to insificant attendance. 

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