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Are you dabbling with Paleo/Primal eating, but find it hard to think of what to eat every day? Or are you completely new to the concept, and would like to learn more about it? Not sure where to begin with your Primal exercise-regimen? And what does it even entail to work-out Primal-style? “Going Paleo” can be overwhelming, especially if you have spent years relying on processed foods and thinking the good old treadmill could out-exercise all your bad eating-habits. This event will de-mystify Paleo living, eating and training, and cover all the essentials you need to know in order to get started. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part; we want to help you on your way.

During this event, PiM will introduce you to Charby from The Ancestral Body. Charby is a Nutritional Health Coach and Personal Trainer who went Primal, lost weight, got fit and is now using his own life skills and experience to teach others how to eat clean and train mean, Primal-style. Together, Ivy and Charby will cover a range of topics, including:

* What is Paleo, and why we should do it?

* What to eat, what to avoid, and why?

* Simple Paleo Recipe Ideas

* A 30-Day Paleo Challenge

* Navigating Social Situations

* Primal Movement and Fitness


ANYONE who wants to know more about Primal eating and training will benefit from this event. We even recommend that partners or friends come along to show their support (and pick up a few good tips along the way!).
We will offer some of PiM’s own home-brewed Kombucha, a potent probiotic drink that helps healing the gut and strengthen your digestive system. We will also provide you with a handy PDF-document you can use as a reference and guide, as well as a comprehensive list of resources we recommend and use ourselves.

Cost: $45 per person.
Drinks at bar-prices at the venue.

Please RSVP* on this Event-page, as well as confirming via EMAIL:

*RSVP will NOT be confirmed until FULL payment is received; please email for bank-details. Please note that we cannot offer refund in case of cancellations in the last 3 days prior to the event.

Ivy & Charby

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