Primal afternoon tea and Q&A session

You are invited to join us at Dr Rod Tayler's house on Sunday 17th November for a shared afternoon tea.
We will start with a relaxed panel discussion comprising of The Primal Shift crew (myself, Charby and Crystal and a couple of fantastic naturopaths who have generously agreed to share their expertise and wisdom with us.

Although everyone is welcome to attend, I would encourage those who are new to the primal lifestyle to come along and trouble shoot any road blocks you might be experiencing getting started.
Please note that we cannot address people's individual health concerns in detail on the day. However we can point you in the right direction about where you can get support if you have particular health issues.

Where possible, please email me your questions before hand so we can collate them together and identify any common themes emerging.

After the discussion we will break out the afternoon tea and spend some time getting to know each other.
Please bring along something tasty and paleo friendly to share. If you are not keen to make anything, you could bring any of the below items which are always appreciated:
Mineral Water
Good quality dark chocolate (85%)

I hope to see you all there!

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