Presentation & Potluck with Authors of “Perfect Health Diet” is a VERY special meet up. Mark your calendars now!

Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet, authors of “Perfect Health Diet” (which I affectionately call Paleo 2.0) will doing a 45 min presentation on ‘Common Pitfalls of Eating Paleo'.

Afterwards, we'll be enjoying a potluck dinner immediately, where we'll all get a chance to get to know Paul and Shou-Ching better and have our toughest Paleo questions answered!

For more information on the Jaminet's and their book, “Perfect Health Diet”, go to


This meetup will be help at our place in Back Bay. It's super easy to get to, we live right above the Hynes Convention Center T-Stop (green line).

We live at 360 Newbury St, Unit 411 (4th floor), Boston MA 02115 (You can GPS it) also I-90, exit Copley will get you there. We live above Best Buy with the entrance on Newbury St in a concierge building – call the concierge from the touchpad (our name is on the directory but our phone is not connected to it) and the concierge will let you in. We are also above the Hynes Convention Green line subway.


1) cheapest but hardest to come by although Sunday evenings are easier on Newbury street/curbside parking.

2) Danker and Donahue Parking Garage (Cash only) on 341 Newbury St is the closest parking like 500 ft away. If this is full then got to #2

3) Pilgrim Parking Garage/Hynes Auditorium Garage (I think this might be cash only too – call to confirm)- take a left onto Mass Ave, then left on Boylston, then right on 50 Dalton St. Huge multistory garage. This is one block from where we live about 5 min.

Amit & Dr. Shilpi Bhadra Mehta, O.D. 

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