potluck: WAPF & paleo/primal peoples

AVOID POTLUCK PITFALLS! Tips for potluck success:

There is a limit to the number of RSVPs. Please keep your RSVP promptly updated. Changing from yes to no mere hours before an event doesn't effectively allow another person to RSVP, prep, cook, drive & attend.

Arrive on time! Arriving late at a potluck means the food may be gone, cool people gone, etc.

Newbies: please bring a paleo/primal/WAPF-friendly dish + printed recipe for allergic folks. We've had our share of “potluck freeloaders” and know what to look out for. Sad… but true. We will escort such diners out of the private home hosting kindly hosting this event.


From our hosts:

August Farm is a small-scale, pasture based, diversified livestock farm. We are located along the banks of the Chehalis River in Independence Valley, nestled in a vibrant farming community, 30 miles south of Olympia, Washington.

We raised pastured chickens, whey-fed pigs, and Icelandic sheep. All of our animals graze on pasture and are fed local and/or certified organic feed. They are raised outside in a safe, comfortable environment that honors their natural instincts. They are slaughtered on farm to reduce the stress of transport and are sold directly to our customers.

We are excited to connect with folks interested in supporting local agriculture and eating meat from pasture raised animals. We eat a mostly paleo/traditional whole food diet and believe whole heartedly that it is the best way to go. Please join us for a farm tour at August Farm.


possible back-up dates:
July 26th.
Liza Judge and Marianne Copene

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