Potluck and presentation Q/A on Clinical nutrigenomics with Ryan Frisinger

Very excited to offer this learning opportunity for APLG. Hear a cutting edge talk with one of the brightest researchers on clinical nutrigenomics, with an emphasis on methylation. Ryan will talk on the following: Clinical nutrigenomics is where naturopathic and functional medicine providers can bridge individualized medicine and preventative medicine. Understanding methylation defects is critical for restoring genetic, biochemical and physiologic function in order to achieve optimal health. In my presentation, I will explain the clinical significance of nutrigenomics and methylation (and mitochondrial) defects by reviewing pathways of folate metabolism, transmethylation and transsulfuration. I’ll also review common genetic polymorphisms along with their effects.

Below is a link to some Facebook live videos with Ryan and Keith Norris. Genomics and interventions hold a lot of promise but also a lot of opportunity for missteps. Take a deeper and clearer look at how to achieve the promise of nutrigenomics by being better informed.

Bring your favorite Paleo or Primal dish, drinks, or side. Potluck starts at 11, talk to begin around 11:45.

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