Please Welcome Dr. Lane Sebring, hosted by Efficient Exercise

Hi everyone,

I am very excited to announce that Dr. Lane Sebring will be giving a talk at the Rosedale location of Efficient Exercise for our group (and anyone else you want to bring, really)!

For those not familiar with his work, Dr. Sebring is the man behind the Sebring Clinic in Wimberley, TX, southwest of Austin. Take just five minutes to browse his website at and you'll understand why this is going to be such a fantastic event. You really do not want to miss this talk!

In addition to Dr. Sebring himself, I want to thank our friends Ken O'Neill and the familiar faces at Efficient Exercise for making this possible. It's truly great to have these names behind this event.

Bring your own chair, and see you there!


PS: please park around Ramsey Park because the spaces at EE are very limited. Here's a map:


About Dr. Sebring:

Through the Sebring clinic in Wimberley, Dr. Lane Sebring became the first physician systematically applying paleo diet for treatment of diseases of civilization. Sebring Clinic is the nation's leader in paleo oriented patient health and patient education embracing nutrient dense foods and genetically mandated fitness in the Sebring Clinic's Primal Wellness program and now Genetic Fit program. 

A New Medicine with Deep Ancestral Roots

A chance meeting between Dr. Loren Cordain and Dr. Sebring, three years before publication of the paleo diet, resulted and Dr. Sebring's immediate recognition that the paleo diet mandated an entire paradigm shift in his practice of medicine. Yearly meetings between the two men with Dr. Sebring reporting jaw dropping validating clinical results and Dr. Cordain providing further insight into ancestral health resulted in their mutual contributions to ancestral genetic requirements embracing proper diet and mandatory activity that stimulates optimal genomic expression of wellness is the basis of a long overdue healthcare revolution.

Learn how ignoring genetic-based health needs has resulted in a pandemic of unnecessary and costly degenerative diseases. Learn how to prevent those diseases, as well as how to stop and reverse them. Learn of Sebring Clinic's new Genetic Fit program, one moving the practice of medicine to incorporate practical ancestral-based health education empowering autonomous, preventive self-care.


And this just in!

CavemanCuisine is now our group's official “food sponsor” and will be catering paleo snacks for this event (and many future events)! This event just keeps getting better! Learn more about them at their website:

Paleo Cookbooks cavemanfeast paleo-recipe-book
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