Please Welcome Dr. Amy Myers!

Happy Solar and Lunar New Year, everyone!

Our event for the month of February will be a presentation/seminar/group discussion by Dr. Amy Myers ( She will be speaking to us about the role of diet in autoimmune disease, as well as her experiences with practicing functional medicine.

Many of us discovered the paleo diet in our search for a way to mitigate autoimmune complications, so this would be a fantastic opportunity to hear from a doctor with real-world experience.

The format of the event will be 45 minutes presentation, followed by just as much Q&A, so bring your questions!

Because parking at EE Rosedale is limited, consider parking around Ramsey Park:

Thanks to Dr. Myers for taking time out of her weekend to come speak to us, Efficient Exercise for providing the venue, and CavemanCuisine for providing some delicious Paleo Treats for us to munch on!

See you all there,

PS You'll also want to bring a camp chair if you've got one.


Dr. Myers' Bio:,_MD_Austin_UltraHealth/About_Dr._Myers.html

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