Please join us in welcoming Ken O’Neill, expert in health and fitness.

Come on over and get acquainted with Ken O'Neill, our honored guest. Have a bite, and then we'll hear a presentation starting around 4:00. Please bring a dish to share if you can. Enrique and I are excited to have you all with us!


Here's an excerpt of what's in store from Ken:


Next Evolutionary Fitness

The Paleo movement, rooted in the bigger field of Evolutionary Medicine, looks to be precisely the health care revolution America so desperately needs — for prevention and curing the escalating pandemic of chronic degenerative diseases.

Jonas Salk, developer of polio vaccine, held the next step in human evolution will be the survival of the wisest. Up to now, evolution has been run by the adaptive wisdom of our bodies. Evolutionary Medicine expressed as the Paleo movement is a breakthrough event initiating the survival of the wisest: the power to awaken from the dogmatic slumber of social and cultural conditioning lies within our individual power of choice. At last our embodied minds may consciously and deliberately direct the course of our becoming.

Next Evolutionary Fitness tackles an immense loose end in the Paleo movement: exercise or activity. Several competing commercial theories of exercise have made inroads attempting to colonize Paleo: how are they incomplete, and what’s the science whose application works for any age and any lifestyle need? What’s the next evolutionary fitness promoting practical survival of the wisest?

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