Plan a CSA Meat Share (mmm, grass-fed beef)

Inspired by a discussion with new member Melissa, I wanted to see who might be open to doing a CSA meat share with a farm that sells grass-fed beef. I've been doing a little research of the farms around Chicago, and I found Trail's End Organic Farm, which sells 100% grass-fed beef year round. You pay a sizable amount at once for a share and they deliver you beef every month, once a month. I contacted them, and they are willing to do a dropoff in Chicago on the first Wednesday. I'd be happy to help organize the pickup location. The could do one tomorrow (!) but I told them that would probably be too soon. The next drop off date could be December 7. More info on the CSA tab here, including prices. From the farm owner's email to me, here is what a typical half-share could look like: For instance, one delivery could consist of: 2 sirloin steaks 2 chuck roasts 2 pkg liver 4 lbs ground beef -or- 2 pkg T-Bones (2/pkg) 2 Rump Roasts 2 pkg 1/3 lb patties (6 patties) 4 lbs. ground beef I have packaged the beef this way to accomodate 2 people or families, sharing a 1/2 beef. So, I suppose my first question would be – who's interested? as early as December 7th? The investment up front is sizable, but you do get meat all year. We can also entertain other farms, if anyone has a lead. Cheers, Vinnie

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