#PIGGYPALOOZA – Beyond Bacon Signing

Pork… today, it has become akin to some of those other foul four letter words. But does our piggy friend really deserve all the bad press? It is true that commercial meat producing breeds conditions that are not only inhumane, but also contribute to the poor health of meat consumers. But, does this really have to be the way?
#Piggypalooza is a celebration of the Pig-snout to tail. At Kickshaws Downtown Market we celebrate the diversity of all nutritional choices and we work diligently on education about our food and its sources. We are pleased to work closely with several local farms who work on natural, sustainable and very humane practices to raising meat animals. That means that these animals are not in cages or pens, they are not fed indiscernible foods and it means that they live a healthy and happy life. This not only is good for the animal, but it is also good for those of us who consume them. At Kickshaws, we believe that simply because an animal is bred for consumption, does not mean that it has to live a life of suffering until then.
Join us for #Piggypalooza May 1-3 to celebrate the pig and to learn about where OUR pork comes from, how it can benefit you nutritionally and what it does for us and the farmers who raise them.

FIND THE FULL EVENT DETAILS HERE: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/piggypalooza-tickets-16378050189

This meet-up is specific to our book signing at the #PIGGYPALOOZA event!

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