PFX Preview: Poolside Paleo with Angelo Coppola

Well guys, just in case you didn't think next week could get better, it's actually going to get better!

Have you heard of Latest in Paleo? It's the paleo podcast that's kept me up to date on all things paleo over the past year. It's extremely well produced and the signature smooth electric guitar riff will take you straight to the intersection of scientific evidence and evolutionary clues left for us by our ancestors! So check it out!

But you probably know where this is going, so I'm proud to announce that I pulled this one straight out of the Arizona desert for you guys! My guest of honor on next Tuesday will be none other than the host of Latest in Paleo himself, Angelo Coppola!

Join us for a small, intimate poolside discussion on all things paleo to get warmed up for PFX. I'm capping this event at just 10 because (a) I am pretty sure I will be in violation of some ridiculous community rule about number of guests and (b) I want everyone to get a chance to interact in a meaningful way. Don't sweat it if you can't make this event. Just be sure to say hi to him at the conference, where he'll be moderating a panel discussion!

Ready? Get set… RSVP NOW!!!

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