‘Personalized’­ effective & lasting fat loss: food, exercise, mindset, & beyond?

The presenter is Natcha Maithai . Natcha is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Scientist (genetics) and a Certified Personal Trainer with a Precision Nutrition Certification · 

Nattha specializes in transforming women's lives in a holistic manner, especially through fitness, nutrition, meditation and mindset changes

At this workshop we will discuss nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors following the primal template for weight loss. “Personalizing” the paleo template means customizing these based on where you are at and where you want to be.

“I will also discuss other factors that are common among people who have successfully lost weight and keep it off.” Natcha Maithai

“I use weight loss because that's the language people are used to seeing.” Natcha Maithai


 Precision Nutrition Certification (a company renown for helping people achieving their physique goals by changing one habit at a time).

This meetup is timely as the holiday season, and colder weather tends to get people indulging more, being less active, as well as being more stressed out and uncomfortable with the way they perceive themselves. It's a great way to get some helpful hints into getting into the right mindset.

The meetup will occur in downtown Toronto. More info on the venue to come shortly. This meetup will have follow-up meetups in 2014 as well.



As just about every meetup is a potluck, and about the role of nutrition, you are encouraged to bring soy, gluten, grain, GMO and casein-free snacks to share.

Please RSVP only if you intend to be there.

OISE (Ontario Insitute of Studies in Education)

252 Bloor Street room OI 3-310

2:00 pm



See you there!


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