Paleyoga – vinyasa yoga + paleo degustation night

Hi everyone

The Commons and Lulu Lemon are hosting an event next Tuesday called Paleyoga. It's a free vinyasa yoga class and for those who want to stick around, a five course paleo degustation dinner.

Tickets must be purchased for the dinner. Here's a link to the event page for more details:

Tickets are $60 per person. If anyone is interested I'm organising a table, so RSVP here and I'll make the arrangements for a group booking (I may be able to get a group discount of $50 per person depending on numbers).

I'll be flying over from Sydney for the evening (it's not often that I get the opportunity to attend a paleo degustation!) I also have a blog called Paleo Foodies and I'll be writing about the dinner. The link is

I hope to meet some of you next week!



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