PaleoFX 2013!

Hey Folks! PaleoFX is coming up! This symposium is a 3-day extravaganza bonanza focusing on nutrition, movement, sustainability, and human health and well-being… in nearby Austin, TX.

This year's PaleoFX speakers include Robb Wolf, Sarah Fragoso, Nora Gedgaudas, Mat Lalonde, Chris Kresser, Dr. Terry Wahls, Kelly Starrett, Paul Jaminet, Diane Sanfilippo, Erwan Le Corre, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Abel James Bascom, Dr. Emily Deans, Michelle Tam, Melissa Joulwan, and many more.

And then there's the strength and movement demos, paleo food world, and the vendor expo…

This year they're selling expo tickets for $20 (1-day) or $40 (all 3 days) that give you access to the expo floor, food world, strength and conditioning demos, and a series of paleo101 talks given by the experts — Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Nora Gedgaudus, etc. Those tickets are perfect for newbies and locals who want to learn more. (If you'd like to hear all the regular talks and panels by all the speakers, you can buy an all-access pass.)

Check out and

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