Paleo skincare DIY workshop

Did you know it’s probably safer to eat your lotion (and most conventional skin products) than to apply it to your skin?

At this workshop, you will learn about

1.   How your skin and body care products may be overburdening your toxic load, all the while ruining your best efforts to detox and eat clean.

2.   Why nearly all nagging skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc) start from inside our bodies, and how to take care of these problems

3.   How to save money and control what goes into your body by making your own (edible) skincare products, and how to source the ingredients.

4.  How to customize your basic skincare products to suit your needs

About the organizer: Nattha is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Coach, Functional Medicine Practitioner and University of Toronto scientist. For most of her life, she had battled severe acne, eczema and allergies, most of which resolved when she started seriously pursuing a nontoxic primal lifestyle. She is very passionate to share her knowledge and wisdom about optimizing health, preventive medicine, and root causes of diseases.

$12 donation in advance to RSVP for attendance and sampling DIY products, including (but not limited to) tallow balms, various lotions, lotion bars, deodorants. To make your own DIY products and bring home in generous-sized jars, each item is $5, which can be paid at the event.

Due to the size of the room and the active participation nature of this activity, we need to limit attendees to a total of 8 people. To reserve your spot for this event, please send a $12 paypal or Interac payment to [masked] or pay here, then you will be moved from waitlisted to RSVP'ed.

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