Paleo Potluck Picnic

Time to fix up your favorite Paleo picnic dishes and join us for an outdoor lunch at Lake Lily, in Maitland. And in the process, you might discover a gorgeous little lake that's great for walking laps, and pretty good for observing plant and animal life. You can also supplement your lunch with something from the nearby farmers’ market. You'll need to bring your food ready to eat, or bring a hibachi. And bring enough for yourself, and something to share. You can indicate what you're bringing in the comments area. Park near the southern end of Lake Lily Drive, and meet at one of the four picnic tables between the Cottage and the lake. There is a similar set of four tables across from the playground. Our meeting spot is just south of that. If all four tables are taken before we get there, call Mark at 407.256.4643. We won't be far away!

(When you approach the park, turn onto Lake Lily Drive from Maitland Avenue, near the Maitland Civic Center, and head southwest. If you start paralleling the railroad tracks, you're going the right way.)

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