Paleo Potluck in the Park

Meetup 10am at the Brisbane Health and Fitness Expo (I have a  few 2 for 1 passes if you get in quick) then head to southbank for potluck picnic/bbq.

Please bring a plate to share (please include ingredients and recipe to share later)

If you are worried about what to bring:

It can be something very simple like a bowl of nuts, salad, dip or a good chance to show everyone your exceptional cooking skills.  It really does not matter so long as you include the ingredient list. There are BBQ's there so you could even bring something to BBQ. 

Don't let bringing a plate stop you from coming. If you are on Whole 30 and want to bring your own lunch and picnic with us that is perfectly fine as well. In case of bad weather I will update the meetup page here and in the Facebook group.

How you will find us- Look out for the Brisbane Paleo A-frame sign and some of us will be wearing Tshirts with the logo on it.

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