Paleo Potluck: Halloween Style!

Halloween can be a hard holiday for Paleo families.  We'll be making a post in October about how to survive, but one of the best ways is to surround yourself with a like-minded community.  Then, if you choose to celebrate with food at least you know that food won't make you sick.  So, come to the Potluck with your best “scary” or seasonal Paleo food and we'll let the kids go buck-wild together!

We'll be making some of our famed Paleo(ish) candies and a meat dish.  Please let me know what you're bringing in your RSVP so we get a nice variety.

After the potluck, we're going to head down to our free community festival for moonbounces, live music and potato sack slides – it's a ton of fun and we'd love to have some other families to hang with while we avoid the cake walk… COSTUMES ENCOURAGED!

Feel free to attend with or without kiddos… meeting local Paleo peeps is where it's at! Looking forward to meeting you (or seeing you again) – Stacy & clan

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