Paleo Potluck and Movie

Join us at Charlotte's place for a Sunday afternoon/evening of a Paleo potluck dinner, and a movie. Also, please research your favorite spots where you buy your own Paleo foods (local brick and mortar stores, plus online). We'll share what we have so as to give members, particularly those new to either the diet or to Orlando, a good heads up on where to pick up your Paleo goodies. 

As for the potluck dinner, please bring your favorite dish, with enough to serve six, and the utensils needed to serve it.

After dinner, we'll select a movie, most likely from the list below: 

Food Inc.
In Search of the Perfect Human Diet
King Corn
Hungry for Change
Food Matters
Dying to Have Known
The Beautiful Truth
Food Fight

Or, for a list that is periodically updated, see:

Also, bring your cookbooks, as our host, Charlotte, would like to do some recipe swapping! Seating is limited, so you might also bring a comfortable folding chair. 

The address will be e-mailed to those who have RSVPed Yes.

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