Paleo Picnic

Lets get together October 2nd for a Picnic in the city!

Why? To win a cowshare and to have lots of fun!
If we host the most original Paleo/Primal Picnic we can win Mark Sission’s 2010 Grokfeast Challenge! From googling “Grokfeast” I only see a handful of other groups organizing.

Our Plan:
Meet us at Planet Granite @ 924 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 10:07 AM Pacific Time
(Parking on street or bike parking)
Run/Sprint to Dolphin Club
Swim two laps at the Dolphin Club (502 Jefferson St, SF, CA)
Run back to Planet Granite and then rockclimb
Afterwards, we will settle in a nearby park and indulge in a Paleo/Primal meal!


* Frisbees or any other active game ideas. We’ll also be lounging around and relaxing, too.
* Wear your fave Primal-themed wear (Trapeze class recommends leotard, t-shirt, shorts and barefeet — if we can mix it up with some primal-themed or Tarzan-like clothing it'd be great for our photos)
* Primal Dish hopefully made with ingredients purchased from the Farmers Market near you
(and your recipes)
1.) Greens
2.) Berries
3.) Meat
4.) Fish
5.) Appetizers
6.) Snacks
* Cash for climbing at Planet Granite $18/day pass

* And a HUGE SMILE! (We'll be taking photos and video to submit for the contest)

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