Paleo nutrition seminar and meal planning workshop

Sorry – this is really short notice – paleo nutrition workshop in just 2 days time – this Thursday in Grey Lynn. Hope you can come. This is a small group to test this seminar format – around 10 – 15 people – there are places left

Contact me directly to book a place – the cost is $45.00 – includes 60 page Paleo Nutrition guidebook

After feedback from a number of people – I have designed a new workshop that will have more focus on planning your individualised paleo diet. Some content is similar – i.e. the background info.

However – I will be showing seminar attendees exactly how to customise your own diet to suit your body size, weight goals and activity levels.

Here is an overview of the seminar content:

Paleo theory – why should some foods be avoided?

• How some foods detrimental to your health: a brief look at how they affect your gut, increase inflammation, cause disruption of appetite and fat storage hormones, or trigger auto-immune issues in genetically vulnerable.

• What foods should you eat for maximum nutrition and energy?

• What foods should you avoid?

• Foods that cause problems for some people, e.g. what you should avoid if you have auto-immune disease.

• Lifestyle factors that you should not neglect

Customising your diet and making a meal plan:

• How much food do you need based on your body size and activity?

• How much protein should you eat – how does this translate into meal portions?

• What is your carbohydrate tolerance, what amount should you eat per day and meal?

• Fat – how much should you add?

• How do you eat to maximise your workouts – general principals

• Bring along your favourite recipes and learn how to make them into the right size paleo meals for you.

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