Paleo nutrition seminar and meal planning workshop

Paleo seminar now scheduled. Places limited so book soon

This seminar covers the theory and science of the paleo diet and I will show you exactly how to customise your own diet to suit your body size, weight goals and activity levels.

Contact me directly to book a place – the cost is $45.00 – includes 60 page Paleo Nutrition guidebook

Praise for the paleo seminar

“Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the seminar last night. Your information was very well presented and I thought you covered quite a bit of material in such a short time. Very insightful! Thanks again, Karine ”

“Excellent. A very informative and well presented seminar. The Paleo Diet Guide handout is much appreciated. Thanks Julianne.” Kathryn

“Really well worth going to one of Julianne’s seminar’s. Very Informative and well presented. I learnt a lot. Thank you Julianne. I highly recommend” David

“Absolutely brilliant, informative and helpful. A++” Sarah

“This was great! Thanks for organising the seminar. Quite a few things were eye-opening and I’ll be applying them to my take on Paleo ” James

“Fabulous. Tonnes of info, and also all those little questions that been getting me thinking have now been answered..great seminar, thx for organising, and thx to Julianne” Karen


Here is an overview of the seminar content:

Paleo theory – why should some foods be avoided?

• How some foods detrimental to your health: a brief look at how they affect your gut, increase inflammation, cause disruption of appetite and fat storage hormones, or trigger auto-immune issues in genetically vulnerable.

• What foods should you eat for maximum nutrition and energy?

• What foods should you avoid?

• Foods that cause problems for some people, e.g. what you should avoid if you have auto-immune disease.

• Lifestyle factors that you should not neglect

• Common paleo myths and mistakes

Customising your diet and making a meal plan:

• How much food do you need based on your body size and activity?

• How much protein should you eat – how does this translate into meal portions?

• What is your carbohydrate tolerance, what amount should you eat per day and meal?

• Fat – how much should you add?

• How do you eat to maximise your workouts – general principals

• Bring along your favourite recipes and learn how to make them into the right size paleo meals for you.


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