*** Paleo Nutrition, Paleo Fitness & Primal Play by Darryl Edwards ***


Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer, author of Paleo Fitness from London, England is in town to host a mini-workshop on Paleo Nutrition, Paleo Lifestyle and Primal Play.

Darryl is a movement coach, Paleo nutritionist and the founder of Primal Play. He has been featured on the BBC, magazines such as Elle, Health & Fitness, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health and newspapers such as The New York Observer and The Daily Express. In addition, he is a coach and speaker at Paleo f(x), Ancestral Health Symposium and Mark Sisson's PrimalCon in the US. He is also the founder of the first ever Paleo conference held in the UK – Health Unplugged, which took place in October 2014.

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>>>> What to expect? Learn how Darryl overcame poor health through adopting the Paleo lifestyle. An open Paleo Nutrition Q&A based on his 10 years experience of practicing Paleo, with tips, tricks and advice on avoiding the pitfalls. What really matters when it comes to food choice? What makes the difference when it comes to supplementation? Give you a basic understanding and demonstration of Paleo Fitness with Primal Play and its unique approach to improving your fitness, health, strength and well-being. What else apart from food and activity should you focus on for an optimal lifestyle? Sleep, bio-hacking, stress management, toxins, nature, etc.

Book signing of Darryl Edwards' Paleo Fitness.

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