Paleo Meet-up 2010!

As some of you may know, is having a mega paleo meet-up day on July 8th! Paleo meet-ups will happen all over the world (yes, world!).

Gil Butler and a buddy of his are hosting one at Golden Gardens, provided by Ballard Barbell and Boxing Club, and thought it would be a great chance for a first meet-up! It is at 6pm, and there are more details here:

6:00pm they are offering an optional primal workout on site, and at 6:45 is a potluck. So bring some tasty paleo dish!

Apologies that it has taken me this long – I've been torn about where to meet-up. Not knowing each other yet, a park seemed like a great idea, but with the spotty weather, didn't know how it all would work out. I DO plan on putting together a lot more meet-ups, and summer seems like a great time to start!

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