Paleo Ketogenic Asian Fusion Potluck

Do you like Japanese, Thai,or Chinese food? Are you ready to take on the challenge of making it super low in carbs? That means, besides the usual paleo no-no foods (grains, beans, soy, seed and vegetable oils, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, dairy…)… no starches or starchy thickeners, no sugars (no honey, maple/coconut/palm sugar or other syrups, no balsamic vinegar, fruit juice, fruit other than berries, beets, mirin, rice wine, etc.) and minimal onions, carrots, tomato sauce and tomato paste.

You can use coconut aminos and sea salt to replace soy sauce. Use unseasoned rice vinegar if you use rice vinegar … Email me if you have questions about ingredients or a dish or need a recipe.

Ideas for protein dishes:
* Paleo Ketogenic Asian-style beef short ribs
* Paleo/Ketogenic nor-maki rolls/sushi
* Paleo/Ketogenic Mu Shu Pork
* Paleo Egg drop soup or Tom Ka Gai
* Paleo/low carb vegetable stir fry, salad, or lettuce wraps
* Ketogenic/paleo Thai Chicken, wings, or meatballs
* Asian Tea Eggs

Ideas for sides:

* Cucumber Salad or Seaweed Salad (remember, no sugars!)
* Cauliflower Rice (Chinese, Thai, or Japanese)
* Paleo Low-Carb Asian Slaw
* Low-Carb Broccoli, Bok Choy or Asparagus Stir Fry +/- mushrooms, celery…
* Other low-carb vegetable dishes  
* Kelp noodle salad or Miracle Noodle or No Oodle dish

Bring your own beverage. I will have iced green tea and water. If you know how to make ketogenic (asian-inspired) desserts, all the power to you, if not, maybe I'll make one! If you want sake or beer, bring your own.

NOTES: If you RSVP and cannot make it, PLEASE un-RSVP ASAP so someone else can attend. My living room is small, so 15 really is the limit unless you want to stand. I do have cats and carpets so keep that in mind if you are allergic.

NOTE: Please bring folding chairs! I don't have enough for everyone!

Let's make it fun! There will be a drawing for a couple of paleo or primal books at the potluck. Feel free to bring an Chinese or Japanese decorative things you have….or you could hunt for some at the Asian market, if you feel inspired!

Dinner served at about 6 or 6:15 pm. Please arrive before then to set up your dish and bring a card with a list of the ingredients; bring recipe if you like too!

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