Paleo In Practice: Beginners Q&A and Potluck

Many of our members have now been with the group for well over a year, and many members have been paleo/primal/ancestral for even longer than that. At the same time, we've also had many new members who are just starting out or have practical questions. With that in mind, I'm setting up a two-part series to serve as a forum for questions about paleo/primal/ancestral health.

I ask that long-time paleos (close to a year or more) attend both sessions if possible, so that we can field the most questions. Even if you're a seasoned paleo, you'll probably want to come out and ask questions about Taubes vs Guyenet, the role of violence in paleo, epigenetics, the hormonal landscape, and much, much more!

Since Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson published their respective books, the, erm… latest in paleo (Hi Angelo!) presents a somewhat different landscape these days. Come learn from your fellow group members about the amendments they've made to their own protocols, and to troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing. Real life people with real life results! Yeah!

And if you RSVP within the next 5 minutes, some of our members who attended the Ancestral Health Symposium back in August will be around to tell you all about it! </infomercial>

But seriously, we haven't had a potluck in a while. Let's see some new faces, meet some old friends, and share some good food before it gets too cold. We'll see you there!

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