Paleo Housing Coop forming! Meet and greet!

What is a housing coop? A houseful of people living together with some organization (ex shared meals). Think of it as a modern tribe, well sort of. See for some more info.

Currently there isn't one that serves Paleo/primal food for dinner. We want to fix that.

We are interested in forming a Paleo Coop that would be set to go by Sept. 1st!

Join us on this adventure by attending a causal event where we will get a chance to get to check each other out and see if this is something you want to help co-create with us!

Grab a tea/smoothie etc upstairs at Life Alive and meet us downstairs.

If we had to write a little more about why our hopes are for it is:

We want to live in a cooperative house where housemates support each other living healthy lives that are in line with our paleolithic ancestors as much as we reasonably can in this modern age. Focusing on living in simple, sustainable, and affordable ways we want to live within a warm group (~7-10 people) that is multi-aged, family, and kid friendly. Sharing paleo/primal food and meals together and encouraging each other to be mindful, exercise, play, and get outside are some of the things that we would like to see in our home.

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