Paleo Housing Coop Forming! (Davis/Alewife)

Come and find out what The Paleo Coop is starting to look like and see if it is a good fit for you. Let's have some food, maybe a beverage, and some good conversations.

Where we are right now:
-We will be raising money to purchase a large house within 1 mile of the Davis Square or Alewife stops on the Redline.
-We are working on our values currently but sustainability and healthy living will be central to the coop.
-We will be co-creating a home for all ages (including kids!) that connects with our local community and the Boston area paleo community so even if you don't think you could handle living with a bunch of other people you are more than welcome to come to see what it is all about!


Find us in the basement area of Redbones called “Underbones”

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