Paleo Holiday Potluck Dinner

Dear friends,

Don't let the winter blues and shorter days depress you! Socialization is an important part of the ancestral lifestyle. Share recipes, ideas, food, fun, and laughter during the holiday season. 

Between Halloween and Valentine's Day the greatest weight gain typically occurs – why not come to delicious Paleo Potluck and meet other successful people living an ancestral lifestyle who support your lifestyle!

Let's enjoy a Paleo Potluck dinner with great food and conversation. This is your opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life living the ancestral lifestyle in many different ways -Primal, Paleo, PHD, ketogenic, WAPF, gluten-free, low-carb, etc. Potlucks are fun with trying new foods, recipes, and making new friends.

In the past Paleo Potlucks have typically gone to waitlist so please sign up ASAP! Well-behaved guests (children, spouses, significant others, friends) are welcome. 😉 


We have 2 raw Paleo kittens so if you are severely allergic to them I'm sorry but please remove yourself from the event because we cannot guarantee your health. 

Some people have some serious cross-contamination issues with gluten. Labels on food please! Our home is gluten-free and soy-free but NOT casein-free or nut-free. We do not consume peanuts but ingredients in some foods may be produced in the same factory as milk, fish, shellfish and/or peanuts. If you have a life-threatening or dangerous food allergy please do not participate in this event.

WE HAVE MOVED SO CHECK THE ADDRESS! Unfortunately, there is no public transport nearby so you are welcome to carpool as you will need a vehicle to get here.

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