Paleo Holiday Party & Potluck – New Members Welcome!

Gather together to celebrate the survival of the holidays, at our December 29th Paleo Holiday Party & Potluck.  This is a great time to gather, be merry, and enjoy each others company.


If you're a first timer to the group, this is also a lovely opportunity to come and get to know other members of the Paleo meet-up, see what we're all about.


Bring a dish to share, and/or wine, or perhaps some Paleo friendly Christmas treats.  Do be prepared with a list of ingredients, though, for those who may have special allergies or needs.

I'll be hosting it at my place, in Lower Queen Anne – complete with view of Space Needle!  Parking is free after 8, but can be a bit of a challenge on Sundays – so just let me know if you need parking suggestions for free spots – or have some to share (yes, you Michael!).


Good times will be had by all.  Look forward to seeing you there!



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