Paleo FX12 Ancestral Momentum Theory to Practice Symposium

PaleoFX Austin Partners in conjunction with the Ancestral Health Society are pleased to present PaleoFX12 Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium.

March 14-17, 2012 

Wed March 14 from 5-7:30pm

Thurs March 15 from 8am-6:45pm

Fri March 16 from 8am-5pm

Sat March 17 from 9:30am-2pm Offsite Movement, Strength, and Conditioning Sessions in Austin

(1 hour lunch breaks each day)

The Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports on the campus of the University of Texas – Austin. 

<strong style=”font-size : medium”> Tickets for PaleoFX12 Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium will go on sale in January 2012 on a first come first served basis. You must register on the PaleoFX12 link below:

Register at $240/person, $199 for seniors over 55 or students

Presenters including panels and individuals sessions:

Presenters from the Boston-area : Dr. Emily Deans, Paul Jaminet, Joe Johnson, Dr. Shilpi Mehta, Diana Rodgers, etc.

Many names will be there such as Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Sarah Fraguso, Chris Kresser, Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly), Erwan Le Corre (Move Nat), CJ  Hunt, Nora Gedgaudas, Dave Asprey, Dr. Jack Kruse (Quilt on Paleohacks), Shannon Ford (Mrs. United States), etc.

The PaleoFX Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium fosters collaboration among fitness professionals, healthcare professionals, nutritionists, research scientists and laypersons who approach their respective practices from an evolutionary perspective to successfully address modern health challenges through the application of ancestral based theory in practice. 

The symposium is presented by PaleoFX Austin Partners, a leading organization dedicated to educating fitness, nutrition and healthcare professionals and laypersons on practical application of ancestral lifestyle theory. The Symposium will include industry leaders and speakers who have taken the theory of ancestral health and applied it in modern day practice.  Presentations covering wide-ranging fields from fitness to nutrition to medicine and healthcare will be covered in this multi-day hands-on symposium in Austin TX.   

Check the Paleofx website as well as the PaleoFX Facebook Page or Follow on Twitter via the PaleoFX Twitter account for important updates and announcements.


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