Paleo f(x) Prospective Volunteer Meet and Greet

Paleo f(x) returns to Austin's Palmer Event Center, April 24-26, 2015!

Paleo f(x) is looking for a handful of outstanding, passionate volunteers. As a volunteer, you work on a Paleo f(x) team, based on your interests, in areas such as registration, speaker support, or strength & conditioning. In exchange for your efforts, you receive:

• A premiere ticket to the event (freely useable when you aren't “on the clock”). 

•  A special volunteer party and networking event in your honor. 

• The chance to see the inside of Paleo f(x) and to meet and work with dozens of people who are passionate about ancestral health.

Volunteering is real work but it is also incredibly rewarding and fun, and you will connect with dozens of smart, interesting Paleo-oriented friends in the process.

Attend this meeting if you're interested in learning more about volunteering, or about Paleo f(x). On the fence? Feel free to stop by. Attending does not obligate you to anything.

The meeting will feature a short ‘hello' and overview of the volunteer process by the owners of Paleo f(x), followed by an informal chat and hangout. Come on down!

If you're already sold on volunteering,  you can apply in advance here.

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