Paleo FX 2013: Ancestral Momentum Theory to Practice

Amit and I went last year – this is a great event for those working with patients and/or clients – whether you are a doctor, nutritionist, nurse, personal trainer, etc.

Speakers include: Robb Wolf, Sarah Fragos, Nora Gedgaudas, Dr. Terry Wahls, Chris Kresser, Diana Sanfillipo, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Julie & Charles Mayfield, Michelle Tam (Nom Nom Paleo), Steve Cooksey, etc.

Speakers from Massachusetts include:

Dr. Emily Deans, Paul Jaminet, Matt Lalonde, Dr. Shilpi Mehta, Diana Rodgers, & Stefani Ruper

Thurs March 28 noon-Sat March 30 5pm

Hotel Information Embassy Suites


300 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas, 78704
→ Must Use This Link To Make Reservation; can call hotel to make any other arrangements.
Our Block Name: “2013 PALEO FX”

Room Offers & Information:

King Suite 149 / night * Offers made to order breakfast & evening happy hour
* Each room has pull out sofa « GREAT FOR ROOM SHARES


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