Paleo fitness, followed by free movnat session.

Sorry about the late notice crew. I had it on facebook but forgot to update things here. 🙁

I've decided to make this months focus on fitness and movement, because the amazing Zac Cook has offered to run his free Movnat session a little later for us so that we can still have our group meet up, and then come and get jiggy on the kids playground. If you want to know more about how to ‘paleo-erize' your workout (or like me – just want to find a way to move your body well that doesnt bore the bajingas out of you – then this is a perfect opportunity for you to ‘put your left toe in, and put your left toe out…')
We will still cover the usual “latest recipes and nooks to shop in” infor and any other support/advice that is asked for.
Brett Hill and Stephanie Wasylyk are running their Business of Wellness Coaching Seminar down the road on Saturday, so they won't be able to join us. They'll be with us in spirit though 😉

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