Paleo Fitness — A talk and workout with Josh Newman, co-founder of CrossFit NYC

** Wear work-out clothes! You don't have to work-out, but it will give you the opportunity to try out some movements **

You've probably heard about CrossFit. Josh Newman is the co-founder of CrossFit NYC, one of the first 20 CrossFit affiliates in the country. Josh and Allison Bojarski are going to give a talk on fitness from a paleo perspective:

– What is fitness? What is health?
– Were hunter-gatherers physically fit? Were they healthy?
– How can we be fit and healthy?

They will also demonstrate useful exercises, and attendees will be free to participate. The event will take place at The Black Box, the home of CrossFit NYC. The talk will not be focused on CrossFit, per se — but on fitness and paleo specifically.

Note that 2 hours with two trainers talking health and giving a fitness demonstration would cost some serious dough. But Josh and Allison want to spread the paleo love. Gonna be good.

Josh Newman also serves as CEO of Cyan Capital, a hands-on venture capital firm that invests in innovative companies in stagnant industries, and its subsidiary Cyan Pictures, which takes a similar approach to financing independent feature films.

Allison Bojarski is a trainer and communications director at CrossFit NYC. Allison curates the ever-excellent blog at

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