Paleo Challenge: INTRO TO PALEO

Need a New Year's resolution? Join the January Paleo Challenge. Starting Monday, January 3rd for 30 days. This could be the largest paleo challenge to date, and we're going to have an awesome line-up of events throughout the month.

Want to learn the basics of a paleolithic approach to health? Don't have time to read a bunch of books and blogs? Come join John and Melissa for an introduction to paleo.

This evening is designed for anyone doing the Paleo Challenge. We'll answer the following questions:

– What is the paleo diet? What foods are allowed, and why?
– How can I start? What are some tips and tricks to successfully adopt a healthier way of eating?
– What does evolutionary science have to say about the original human diet?
– What does modern science have to say about paleo? What is the paleo perspective on major diseases, like heart disease, cancer, digestive problems, and acne?

We aren't going to be working from a script, and we expect this to be very interactive…so bring your questions. This will not entail dinner, so you may want to grab something beforehand. I expect this to run for two hours: 8:30pm – 10:30pm.

We're going to charge $5 because space is limited, and it prevents flaking. All proceeds go to Eating Paleo in NYC meetup and event costs.

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