Paleo Baking Tasting Day


Wow, well, that was a bigger response than I was expecting! I have locked in the date and time as above – Monday 4 Nov 2-4pm, and added the address of the commercial kitchen venue. If you find that you can't make it now because of the time or location, please change your RSVP to No – we can't really fit more than 25 there!

Now I have no idea if there will be enough for everyone to have one of each item (I'm making three), or if all the recipes will even work – please come with suitably low expectations and you may end up surprised in a good way (maybe!).

As mentioned below in my original (now edited) post, the primary reason for this meetup is to get feedback and test the market a bit (the secondary reason is to offload all the food I'll make, obviously), so please come armed with your constructive criticism hats on, and also be prepared to tell me where your favourite cafes (paleo/GF friendly or not) are so I can start building my list of potential clients – and ultimately helping you all have the option to buy a paleo-approved treat to go with your afternoon coffee!

Thanks everyone for your support.


(Of course, if you are not comfortable giving feedback or being asked your opinions, you need to consider whether this meetup is for you – I will not be making any money out of this meetup but I am seeking directly to gain information to help my fledgling business !)


Hi everyone,

I am someone who adores baking and making sweet things, and my dream is to start a paleo bakery business. In order to get things right, I need to bake things – a LOT of things. I also need feedback, to make sure the stuff I bake is actually palatable to anyone but me!

As such, I would like to invite you members of the Melbourne Paleo Meetup group to come and sample my wares, in exchange for your opinions and feedback. I am having my first big baking day on 4 November at a commercial kitchen in Bentleigh.

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