Paleo Afternoon-tea ‘Cakes & Cream’ at The Deck Brighton

*Please note – This event is hosted by Ivy Thompson of Paleo in Melbourne – All questions must be directed to her. 

Join us for a special Paleo-friendly afternoon-tea at The Deck Brighton. Bring your Mum, sisters and girlfriends to experience a nourishing and educational afternoon in a relaxed environment:

Nurture yourself with a decadent afternoon of Cakes & Creams. Experience the luxury of deeply nourishing skincare that is handmade with care and learn how you can naturally enhance your beauty and build glowing, radiant skin from the inside out and outside in.

Book and pay here:

You'll learn:

Which 5 surprising foods are really super skin foods
What our #1 beauty thief really is
How radiant, beautiful looking skin, hair and nails are built from the inside out
The top 5 things you can do for your skin that will cost you absolutely NOTHING
How to simplify your skincare regime
And, great natural DIY tips and recipes that will reduce your chemical and toxin exposure and save you money

Crystal Fieldhouse is a busy medical sales professional by day, and the creator of the beautiful Ecology Creams by night. She is a Certified Food Coach, a Peninsula Meditation and Mindfulness leader and has incredibly sensitive, troubled skin. As someone who chooses to eat high quality, nutrient-dense whole foods, she wanted to take this same approach with her skincare. But, she soon found that most commercial skincare products did not meet her personal standards or help her problem skin, so she began researching and experimenting. Crystal has become a leader in the emerging field of holistic skincare and has handcrafted range of traditional skin creams, made with organic ingredients that are paleo friendly, 100% natural and perfect for sensitive skin.

What you get:

Cold Strawberry Kombucha (a refreshing fermented tea-drink full of live probiotics) in the glass and beautiful raw cakesby Addicted2Goodness. A2G specialises in Paleo wholefoods, raw handcrafted desserts and treats using only organic nutritious and strengthening ingredients that are free of gluten, processed sugar and dairy. You get a giftbag with an Ecology Skincare mini-tin and other special goodies. You also get the chance to try out the full range of Ecology Skincare-products and buy them on the day.

Investment: $68.50 + BF. Book here, limited spots avilable:

*Note that we can not refund cancellations done less than 36 hours prior to the event.*

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