Paleo 115: World Ento + Paleo Potluck

World Ento is the supplier of edible insects in the U.S., founded on the principle of making a difference in the fight against world hunger. We focus on driving market growth and innovation in the new edible insect industry, while helping to foster an open and collaborative Ento community. We focus on ingredient products that are sustainable, natural, and healthy. Our main products are geared toward innovators and entrepreneurs who need reliable insect ingredients to create new products in the rapidly developing industry. We also make these delicious critters available to adventurous eaters and chefs, providing a safe, sustainable, and convenient source for personal culinary exploration. Several of our products fit into the Paleo and gluten free lifestyle and we are looking to explore product ideas with both communities. 

Social Goals

Short Term Goal – Introduce and integrate insects into the American culinary culture to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage innovation in our industry.

Long Term Goal – Reinvest revenues into the R&D of famine relief products. These products will be deployed in food insecure areas and will accompany the tech needed to empower local entrepreneurs to start their own edible insect production and help their community become protein-independent. Website –

What we’re bringing – some paleo friendly baked goods made from cricket flour and some fresh insects that are naturally processed for cooking. I will do a quick cooking demonstration to show the potential of this paleo source of protein, carbs, and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. There will be samples for everyone and a chance to try cooking with some human grade bugs


In addition to the World Ento presentation and demo, we'll also be having our usual potluck. Please bring your favorite paleo dish for the potlock event. Bugs aren't necessary!

If you're new to the group, we'd love to see you join us at the event! Just stop by and say “hello!”

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