Paleo 110: Fermentation with Peggy Emch & Damon Young

Albert Oaks will be hosting a discussion and food demonstration, which will cover the following topics: Fermentaion, including kombucha and kimchi. The lessons can be applied to any fermented vegetable.

The discussion may range a bit from these topics, but Damon will definitely be showing us how to make a proper kimchi 🙂

Peggy Emch is the author of ‘Primal Moms', a book that empowers women to discover, avoid, and solve the problems with their bodies and their health.

We'll start promptly at 10am.

There will be no pot-luck associated with this event, so don't bring food 🙂

You may want to bring a small pint jar. Depending on turnout and demand, there might be enough demo ferments available to take a bit home with you.

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