Paleo 106 with Dr. Lane Sebring + Paleo Potlock

Dr. Lane Sebring will be joining us on August 24th. He's the founder of the Sebring Clinic and the Paleo Pharmacy in Wimberly, Texas.

Dr. Sebring has 18 years of experience treating patients, with a focus on natural methods of healing. He was an early proponent of the Paleo diet as the best way to optimize human health and longevity.

Dr. Sebring's topic for discussion will be how Paleo has changed the game. Paleo is a defense against any misdirecting data/information from the medical profession that doctors should use (but don't) to direct their research. Paleo is a fantastic template to utilize, but seldom is.

If you'd like a preview, here's a video of Dr. Sebring talking at a Primal Living Group event last year:

We will follow this discussion with some time for questions.

If you're new to the group, we'd love to see you join us at the event! Just stop by and say “hello!”

After the discussion, we'll have a paleo potluck. Please feel free to bring your favorite paleo dish! Or, just bring yourself! There's always plenty of food to go around.

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