Paleo 105 with Abel James + Paleo Potlock

Abel James is the host of an excellent podcast, and is an amazing advocate for healthy living.

He will be giving a talk entitled, “How to Reach Your Highest Potential by Being Your Own Guru.”

Several years ago, Abel learned that almost everything he thought he knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong. After years of frustration, sickness, and increasing flab, he stopped listening to the “experts,” the “gurus,” and even his doctors. He buried his nose scientific research, experimented on himself like a lab rat, and dramatically improved his health – reversing hypertension, healing his malfunctioning thyroid, and effortlessly shedding 20 pounds in 40 days. Now as a #1 bestselling author and award-winning talk show host, Abel teaches others how to reach their ultimate potential by being their own guru.

If you're new to the group, we'd love to see you join us at the event! Just stop by and say “hello!”

After the discussion, we'll have a paleo potluck. Please feel free to bring your favorite paleo dish! Or, just bring yourself! There's always plenty of food to go around.

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