Paleo 102 with Tracy Barksdale & Matthew Lee Willis + Bacon Brunch Extravaganza

This is the second in a series of discussions on ancestral health and
well-being, but that doesn't mean there are any pre-requisites! If the
topic interests you, then please come and join us 🙂

Matthew and Tracy are opening a world-class movement-based gym here in Austin, and have over a decade of experience in teaching Parkour and MovNat here in Texas. You can find their website at:

They will be discussing the benefit of movement and activity, and
also on the importance of play and FUN! Why is movement important? What are the benefits of being agile? How do we keep active with all the distractions of day-to-day life? And, since they work a lot with children — what do kids instinctively know that we've all forgotten?

The discussion will be informal, with plenty of time for questions.
And don’t be surprised if we take the discussion outside and actually
engage in some movement, while we’re in the middle of talking about movement!

We'll begin the presentation shortly after 10am. (If you arrive after
10am and they are already speaking, then please walk around the house
and come in through the back door).

After the Q&A session, we'll have a bacon-themed potluck. Bring your
favorite bacon-based dish! Load up your plate with bacon-y goodness!
Watch Amy Kubal weeping in the corner!

I have a large kitchen and lots of outdoor seating, so feel free to
utilize the refrigerator + stovetop + microwave (gasp!) as needed.
Please bring whatever bacon-based food you like — I'll have labels to
mark everything.

PS: If you don't like bacon, or don't have time to make anything bacon-y, don't let that stop you from coming. Just bring yourself! The bacon theme is meant to be fun, not limiting.

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