Organic Butcher Shop Gathering

Join us on Saturday, February 20 at 2:00 p.m. to meet up with fellow local real food foodies at our favorite local butcher shop – which is owned and operated by a Paleo enthusiast who carries tons of Paleo friendly products and only the highest quality of meats! 

Come check out this awesome resource for delicious Paleo eats – PLUS freshly smoked grass-fed brisket will be sampled for all to enjoy, EVENT ATTENDEES WILL GET A 10% DISCOUNT ON THEIR PURCHASES, and you can find a number of great foods while in-store for this meet-up: 

– Polyface eggs 

– Polyface pork (The Organic Butcher receives weekly whole pigs)

– Amish grassfed butter and cheese

– Paleo bacon, with only salt as the ingredient

– Paleo meatloaf

– Gluten free crab cakes and meatballs

– Game meats (venison, elk, antelope, bison)

– Soup from 100 Bowls of Soup

– Collagen bars

– Beef and chicken stock

– Humanely raised veal, lamb, seafood and more

– Organ meats

– Large variety of bones

– Lots of local grass-fed beef

– Bulletproof coffee

– Sir Kensington's condiments

– Primal Kitchen mayo

– Jeni's Grassfed Ice Cream

This shop is just the cutest; we can't wait to introduce you to Don the butcher and would be happy to sign books and help you navigate the store. It's not a large shop, so we'll be monitoring RSVPs and the weather to make sure we don't need to cap attendance. Looking forward to seeing everyone – Stacy and the boys

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