Optimum Health the Paleo Way- an evening with Claire Yates

Investment: $65. This will get you a copy of Claire's new book, Kombucha to drink and a special Paleo-treat from our friends at RumblesPaleo.

Ivy from Paleo in Melbourne is very excited to present, introduce and welcome Claire Yates, Perth-based author of ‘Optimum Health the Paleo Way' to Melbourne, for a talk about the elusive and often confusing quest for optimum health. Despite eating a wholesome and healthy Paleo-diet, many of us find we are still not thriving and feeling as good as we could. Health is a complex beast to tackle, but Claire has done a brilliant effort with her easy-to-read- and- comprehend book ‘Optimum Health the Paleo Way'. Her talk will cover many of the topics from the book and then some.

During the talk Claire will covers aspects discussed in her book Optimum Health the Paleo Way such as:

• Is your gut health really as good as you think it is? 

• What issues could be harboring your efforts to gain or maintain good gut health and some simple mistakes even Paleo pros make

• What to do when Paleo is not working for you

• When functional testing is of use to pinpoint issues in seasoned Paleo prosOmega 3 health – it is not as simple as we may think, what it means to you and how genetics play a partHow to use Paleo and relevant functional testing for preventative health

Tickets are limited. Bookings* are only confirmed through payment. Please <a>email</a> us to arrange your ticket: please let us know how many tickets you need and if you prefer to pay by PayPal by or bank deposit.

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Tickets are $65, which includes a copy of Claire's new book, Kombucha to drink and a special Paleo-friendly treat from RumblesPaleo.

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