One lap around Lake Baldwin, plus Sweet Tomatoes

Here’s a buffet event if there ever was one! At 10:00, we get our morning coffee at Barnie’s Coffee Shop, in Baldwin Park. After that, we do a lap around Lake Baldwin, perhaps doing some interval training, as described in The Paleo Solution (page 175). Or you can relax, and do the lap at a carefree pace, treating this day as your Day Three “rest day.” In any event, your appetite should be satisfied after we head for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (on Colonial).

We could also use the lunch period as a Paleo book show and tell, and maybe swap books, in case someone has an extra copy of one that was on your reading list.

Sweet Tomatoes, alas, does not have much in the way of protein, unless you plop a big spoonful of cottage cheese on your plate. But just to warn you, there are no chunks of buffalo or gazelle haunches on the menu. But the salad bar is huge, and the entire restaurant is all-you-can-eat. Price includes the salad, soups, sweet potatoes, drinks and some other items, which, for now, we can refer to as “temptations.”

You certainly won't starve!

The event is buffet-like in that if you can join us for only one or two of the three segments, that's fine. Be in touch with me by cell phone so you'll know when we expect to arrive at Sweet Tomatoes. 

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