NZ Iron seminar featuring Dr Mark Cheng

NZ Iron is pleased to announce that Dr Mark Cheng will be in NZ conducting seminars in February 2014. Dr. Mark Cheng is the chief instructor of Kettlebells LosAngeles and our Kettlebell Mentor at NZ Iron. He has trained extensively as a private student of Pavel Tsatsouline weekly for years, and earned his Senior RKC and Senior StrongFirst certification directly from Tsatsouline himself. Dr. Cheng has been enthusiastically pursuing kettlebell training as a means of rehabilitation and health ever since he experienced the successful rehabilitation of his own lower back and shoulder injuries with Russian kettlebells. He also dropped 20 pounds after becoming regularly involved with kettlebell training!

No ordinary private trainer, Dr. Cheng brings extensive medical knowledge as a specialist in Chinese medicine orthopaedics to each and every one of his clients and students. Always looking to increase his knowledge and understanding of the rehabilitative and prehabilitative applications of kettlebell training, Doc's passion is his professional fusion of the StrongFirst Kettlebell practices with the Functional Movement Screen technologies of Gray Cook, as well as many other therapeutically applied movement sciences. His teaching method reflects an eye towards detail, safety, and constant fun.

He has trained such luminaries as Guro Dan Inosanto, Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's Rigan Machado, and assisted his mentor, Pavel Tsatsouline, with law enforcement and military training. Few, if any, instructors bring the rare mix of martial arts master, physician, and kettlebell instructor to the mix like Dr. Cheng does!

Dr Cheng will be in NZ in February 2014
Workshops begin on Friday the 21st February for NZ Iron Certified instructors and on Saturday 22nd for other participants. Workshops will include:
Fine-Tuning the Ballistic Hinge: Essential mechanics for the Kettlebell Deadlift, Swing, Clean, & Snatch
Turkish Get-Up Unlocked: Bulletproofing fundamental movement patterns for higher performance
Power & Performance: Unlocking better results with less pain through Efficient Precision Dynamics
Prehab/Rehab101: The Ultimate Toolbox for Better Performance, Safer Fat-loss, and Functional movement training broken down in high detail

For more info Watch Doc's YouTube Channel

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